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Mapping for Resilience: A storymap about using LiDAR to address Idaho’s challenges

A new story map developed by HCRI member, Tara Pozzi, discusses the opportunities for LiDAR use here in Idaho.


Idaho will have publicly-available lidar data and lidar-derived products for 73% of the state by the end of 2021. Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technology that provides high-resolution elevation data. With the influx of new data, there are many opportunities for local communities to use this information for natural hazard management, strategic development, and conservation, among other applications.

This Storymap blends texts and visuals to explore lidar acquisition and implementation in Idaho. This information is intended for anyone that may want to use lidar or already uses lidar including GIS technicians, planners, engineers, academics, and artists, among others. As a compilation of stories from Idahoans representing various government agencies and academic institutions, this Storymap gives background on how lidar works, its applications in Idaho, and instructions/resources on how to acquire lidar. We hope this is a place for Idahoans to learn about the usability of lidar and be inspired to use it towards forming a resilient Idaho.