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Boise State Tree Campus Project

Outdoor shot of a tree

The Environmental Studies 300 class has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to help prepare Boise State University to become certified as a Tree Campus Higher Education. Here is a link to the Arbor Day Foundation website!

This project will also help BSU achieve is STARs Sustainability goals on campus. Here is the link to BSU’s 2021 sustainability rating:

The class spent the entire fall semester using tree plotting software to identify and assess all the trees across campus. Each student also created a story map for one of trees found on campus. Here are the links to a few examples of these!

We examined the management of local environmental resources as well as the benefits trees on campus provide. For example, trees provide shade all throughout campus, reduce pollution, and add to Idaho’s beautiful scenery. Through the course of the semester, we have also learned which trees are native to Boise and which are not. Our goal is to educate others on they work we are doing and help everyone appreciate the incredible City of Trees we live in.

A squirrel laying in a tree

Final Class Project Page.