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Dr. Brittany Brand Featured on Latest Episode of ‘The Big Fib’

The Big Fib title card

There’s a lot we don’t know about volcanos – but there’s also a lot we do know! How do we tell fact from fiction? And how do we help kids learn to spot the difference?

One project looking to solve this problem is the team behind The Big Fib, a family-friendly gameshow podcast that teaches kids how to apply critical thinking skills and be good skeptics. Each episode features a weekly topic, one kid interviewer, and two “experts’ – one real, one lying. It’s up to the intrepid interviewer to ask insightful questions and figure out who is the ‘Big Fib’ and who’s telling the truth!

This week, The Big Fib Team released it’s episode about VOLCANOES. Among the experts invited is HCRI Director and Co-founder Brittany Brand, who knows a thing or two (or three or more) about volcanology.

Will our kid investigator see through the eruption of lies? If you have an extra 30 minutes in your day, listen and find out! And if you know some kids in your life who would love to learn about volcanoes, facts, and fibs, tell them about The Big Fib!