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SpeaknSpark is an inclusive speakers bureau focused in Emergency Management topics. The site provides direct access to Emergency Management Speakers, Trainers, Experts, and Consultants making it easier for Event Leaders to connect audiences to expertise.

On the platform, Speakers share their successes, best practices, case studies, and lessons learned. Speakers have the autonomy to respond to event requests based on their personal interest, schedule, and fee requirements.

Event leaders can search all speaker options by topic, budget, location, language, etc. Increased access means supporting innovation, opening cross-discipline communication, fostering inter-disciplinary collaboration, and engaged outreach.

SpeaknSpark is structured to empower all Emergency Management Experts to share their knowledge and every event organizer to directly access Emergency Management expertise. As an inclusive speakers bureau, SpeaknSpark charges no listing fees, no account fees and no search fees. In an effort to support learning, we’ve removed any barriers to joining.


We invite all professionals with Emergency Management knowledge to join SpeaknSpark. Creating a profile means highlighting your knowledge, amplifying your message, increased networking, and higher visibility for opportunity.

We are a resource for everyone – businesses, leaders, organizations, communities- to search and connect with a diversity of Emergency Management expertise, experience, and skills.

SpeaknSpark allows every community to identify, categorize, and catalog their experts and sources of EM knowledge via profiles on the SpeaknSpark platform. This creates a resource for internal and external players to interact, engage, and build relationships; fundamental to building resiliency. SpeaknSpark facilitates increased sharing of skills, best practices, experience, and knowledge in Emergency Management. Shaking up the traditional limitations for speaker selection, SpeaknSpark supports innovation, increased representation of diverse perspectives, and enhanced inclusion.


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