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University of Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation

CIRCA is a multi‐disciplinary, center of excellence that brings together experts in natural sciences, engineering, planning, finance, and law to provide practical solutions to problems arising as a result of a changing climate. The Institute will helps communities in Connecticut and throughout the Northeast better adapt to changes in climate and also make their human‐built infrastructure more resilient while protecting valuable ecosystems and the services they offer to human society (food, clean air and water, and energy). The Institute translates sound scientific research to actions that can ensure the resilience and sustainability of both the built and natural environments of Connecticut.

The Institute also offers climate change vulnerability assessments, resilience planning, decision-maker training, grant application support, and cross-sector advisory group coordination for the state of Connecticut and other parties of interest throughout the US Northeast.

For more information on the Institute’s mission, projects, and services, visit the CIRCA webpage here.

For more information on available services, visit the Resilient Connecticut Project webpage here.