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Dr. Eklas Hossain

Eklas Hossain headshot


Office: MEC 202M



Research Areas

  • Power and Energy Systems
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy and Distributed Energy Resources
  • Carbon Capture Technology


With the help of iPower research group and community partners, I am keen to work toward creating a sustainable environment and fighting against the hazardous impacts of climate change on this planet. I, along with my dedicated research team, is looking forward to exploring Boise State methods to make the electric power systems more sustainable, cost-effective, and secure through extensive research and analysis on energy storage, microgrid systems, and renewable energy sources. I hope to work with people from all academic fields and spheres of society on various issues.


  • Current Students – Toby Farkas (Ph.D.),¬†Almoatasem Alismaili (Ph.D.), Awab Attieh (Ph.D.), Iffat Rezwana (Ph.D.), Sunjiul Islam Ocean (Ph.D.), Amir Botros (MS)
  • Former Students – Ashley Zhu (MS, Hanna Wolf (MS), Juan Villareal (MS), Marcus Kuchle (MS), Megan Pamperin (MS), Conner Davidson (MS), Nazmus Sakib (Ph.D., Jointly), Toby Farkas (MS), Kyle Jenkins (MS), Jules Earley (MS), Justin Maloney (MS)


  • UNDERGRADUATE CLASSES: ECE 350 Signals and Systems, ECE 350L Signals and Systems Lab, ECE 473 Power System Analysis I, ECE 474 Power System Analysis II
  • GRADUATE CLASSES: ECE 573 Power System Analysis I, ECE 574 Power System Analysis II, ECE 593 Thesis, ECE 596 Renewable Energy Systems, ECE 693 Dissertation

Community Partners

None at this time