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Kelly Rossetto

About Me

Rossetto Kelly Photo

Associate Professor
Department of Communications

Office Phone: (208) 426-1904
Office: Communications Building 206

Research Areas

  • Family Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Stress and Coping in Relationships
  • Supportive Communication

My research in communication focuses on how coping and support processes influence reactions to stressful events. Risk and resilience can be understood at the individual, social, community, global, and environmental Ievels. When stressful events occur, people must connect with one another to overcome the challenges, and communication is a fundamental component in this process. In order to best understand communicative resilience processes, I connect relational/family communication and supportive communication literatures with coping and resilience theories.


I welcome collaborations across disciplines to further this research and develop best practices for individuals, partners, and families coping with the challenges that come along with natural disasters and other stressful events.


  • GerDonna Ellis (Graduate)
  • Delaney Vesciano (Undergraduate


  • COMM 221: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 302: Research Methods
  • COMM 481: Studies in Interpersonal/Family Communication
  • COMM498: Senior Seminar
  • COMM501: Graduate Research Methods
  • COMM506: Graduate Interpersonal Theory
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