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Megan Gambs



  • Science Communication
  • Science Education
  • Graphic Design
  • (Child & Adult) Curriculum Development
  • Adult Education

Megan Gambs received her B.S. in Geological Sciences from University of California Santa Barbara. Hands-on field experiences, undergraduate research in various lab groups, and mentorship from faculty and graduate students fostered her interest and sense of belonging in the field of science. She went on to the University of Washington, where she developed a lasting commitment to effective science communication and a profound understanding of the power of quality pedagogy. She earned her M.S. in Oceanography in 2012. Megan relocated to the Treasure Valley to pursue a career in public education. She had the privilege to serve as an 8th grade Earth science teacher at East Valley Middle School, in Nampa, Idaho. At East Valley, she worked to ensure that all students engaged in authentic science practice. Students cultivated their understanding of the natural world through collection, analysis, and visualization of data. Students built a sense of agency and belonging. Megan joined the Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives at Boise State University, in 2018, as the Project Manager. Megan is dedicated to developing and supporting programs and partnerships that cultivate diverse, equitable, and inclusive opportunities and positive outcomes for all.


Megan Gambs is eager to collaborate particularly around external communication, brand, vision, education, outreach, etc.

Community Partners

  • K-12 schools
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