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Nick Hudyma Profile



Department: Civil Engineering
Office Phone: (904) 233-2831
Office: MEC 302C Tuesdays 1:00 – 3:45 PM

Research Areas

  • Assessment, characterization, prediction, and understanding rock related geologic hazards
  • Laboratory characterization of rock
  • Imaging techniques in geotechnical and geological engineering

Research Summary

Rock-Based Geologic Hazards Research: My research group and I are working on assessing, characterizing, predicting, and understanding rock-related geologic hazards. Much of my work along this theme was focused on characterizing highly weathered rock and the formation of sinkholes in Florida. Since moving to Boise, my work has transitioned to rock slides and rock falls. We focus on practical problems that affect communities and strive to bring economical and realistic solutions.

Laboratory Characterization of Rock: The laboratory characterization of rock is fundamental to the understanding of rock behavior at both laboratory and field scales. My research group and I conduct experiments using coupled mechanical-geophysical measurements with pre- and post-testing imaging to understand how internal structure influences engineering behaviors and properties.

Collaboration Interests

Our research group has been working with engineers and geologists from the Idaho Transportation Department and the Idaho Geologic Survey. We also work closely with civil and geotechnical engineering firms.


  • CE 360 Engineering Properties of Soils

(Previous Courses Taught)

  • CE-EC 100 Geohazards and Pop Culture
  • CE-EC 100 Geothermal Boise
  • CE 360 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
  • CE 462/562 Geotechnical Engineering Design II
  • CE 568 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering