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Rebecca Som Castellano Profile

Rebecca Som Castellano

Research Areas

  • Agrifood System Change
  • Stratification and Inequality
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Land Use Change

My research broadly focuses on environmental change, and how stratification and inequality influence experiences with the environment. Previous research projects have included examination of the actors and interests involved in the construction and development of National School Lunch Program policy; differential food access among marginalized communities; and barriers to engaging in the alternative agriculture and food initiatives. My current research focuses on 1) well-being among Latina farm workers in Southwestern Idaho; 2) land use change and farm land preservation in the Treasure Valley; 3) climate change adaptation among farmers in Idaho; and 4) uneven social-ecological patterns of boom and bust in the West.


I am interested in collaborative research with those across disciplinary boundaries, both within and outside the academy, who are interested in utilizing social science methodologies to examine pressing environmental challenges.


  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (in person, online, hybrid)
  • SOC 300/GENDER 300 Society, Food and Gender (via USAC program)
  • SOC 311 Social Research
  • SOC 421/GENDER 380 Social Inequality
  • SOC 426 Rural Sociology
  • SOC 440/GENDER 440 Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 493 Internship
  • SOC 497/597 Food and Society
  • SOC 498 Senior Seminar
  • SOC 496 Independent Study
  • SOC 596 Independent Study
  • PUBADM 693 Dissertation Research

Community Partners

  • Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force
  • Treasure Valley Food Coalition
  • Blaine County Hunger Coalition
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