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Evan Leacox

Anthropology and UX Design

Advisor: Dr. Kendall House


Phone: (636) 443-9283

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  • Sustainable and Resilient Food Security via Alternative Agriculture
  • Community Capacity Building via Participatory Design
  • Access to Information Exchange via Social Networks

Research Summary

I am researching how small-scale agricultural and gardening information is exchanged through social networks to better understand how access to these networks may, ultimately, correlate to resilient, community level food security. The aim of this research is to be better able to inform collaborative, solution based options and programs to increase the positive impact of and access to such networks for individuals of any agricultural ability or economic standing to further support resilient food security fostered through the compound mechanisms of small-scale, local/alternative, and sustainable agriculture.

Collaboration Interests

I am interested in collaborating with local/regional farmers and gardeners, including organizations that help support operations, disseminate or provide access to “how-to” and problem solving information (such as garden schools or programs), vendor’s of locally grown goods, and more. I’d also like to collaborate further with government, education, business, and technology groups to work towards collaborative solutions aimed at generating increased dissemination of and access to relevant and needed agricultural knowledge.


  • Graduate Assistant for ANTH 303 and the undergraduate UX Design Certificate course