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Lauren Hunt Profile

Lauren Hunt

About Me

PhD Student
Department of Biological Sciences

Advisor: Vicken Hillis

Research Areas

  • Agroecology
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Co-production of knowledge

I investigate how social systems shift in the context of climate change and how individuals and the environment intersect. Agriculture is the primary lens through which I view this intersection, but the current economic, political, and cultural climate also structures my work. I focus on modeling social network structures and overlaying those dynamics with spatial-temporal indicators of climate change to detect social-ecological interactions. Understanding how risk influences individual decision-making and, in turn, how resilience is affected by those decisions will inform these analyses.


I am interested in collaborating with a diversity of ranching and farming stakeholders as well as conservation and government organizations to tackle complex socio-environmental challenges. Currently, I am co-developing management techniques with ranchers and researchers to improve drought resilience on ranchlands in the High Divide region of the West.

Community Partners

  • Heart of the Rockies Initiative
  • Idaho Rangeland Conservation Partnership
  • The High Divide Collaborative
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