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Gregg Servheen



Retired Wildlife Biologist and Natural Resource Manager


I spent a 34 year career with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. My positions included research biologist, regional wildlife biologist, special projects leaders, environmental staff biologist, and wildlife program coordinator.

I bring a variety of experience, knowledge, and connections related to wildlife and natural resource management. I have expertise in research, data analysis, geospatial decision support systems, developing and implementing collaborative efforts, and natural resource management at the scientific, management, policy, and legislative levels.

Background and Interest in Community Resilience

In my role on the HCRI Board, I intend to bring knowledge and perspectives on creating change at every and any level – local, regional, institutional, national, and global.

My focus is to make wildlife and natural resource management more inclusive, holistic, and collaborative as we confront climate change, challenge growth for its own sake, and promote sustainability.


HCRI Advisory Board Member

I am also an advisory board member for the HCRI Grant proposal: SCC-PG-Modeling resilience through a community lens: Discovering data, creating tools, and connecting people who make resilience possible.

Relevant Projects

I am currently Vice President of the Henry’s Fork Wildlife Alliance and on the Board of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation. I am past President of the Idaho Chapter of the Wildlife Society, past Board Member of the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts, and past member of the Idaho Rangeland Resources Center Advisory Council.


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