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Lance Davisson



Lance Davisson

Owner & Principal Consultant at The Keystone Concept and Co-Founder and Coordinator at the Treasure Valley Canopy Network


Prior to moving to Idaho and creating The Keystone Concept, Lance worked in the public sector in several western states as a land manager, forester, commercial leasing professional and wildland firefighter.

Throughout his career, Lance has proven to be a powerful leader, speaker and facilitator of positive change. The Keystone Concept is built around Lance’s unique gifts as a servant leader.  Lance’s attentiveness, and powers as a listener allow him to guide diverse partners through fluid and uncertain conditions to successful and sustainable outcomes.

Lance has consistently focused on building a legacy of positive impact through the lens of servant leadership. As a local business owner and collaborative team builder, Lance has enjoyed building lasting relationships and contributing to a vision of functional and sustainable development across the Treasure Valley. This work has led to the creation of the Treasure Valley Canopy Network, a public-private collaborative that is advancing development of health and vibrant cities across the Treasure Valley.

When not at work, Lance enjoys spending time with his family camping, whitewater rafting and mountain biking in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

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