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Grant Writing News and Wood Smoke Survey

Research Development & Grant Writing News

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This month’s Featured Articles:

  • Select List of Humanities, HSS, and Arts Opportunities & News
  • Narrative Space Is Limited  ̶  Use It Wisely 
  • What does NSF mean by Innovation Ecosystem? 
  • USDA/NIFA Proposal Work Plan Template—A Generic Guide to Writing A Funded Proposal 
  • Changes Coming to STEM Education Programs 
  • Tips for Effective Proposal Graphics
  •  Preparing to Write Your Proposal 

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COHS Wood Smoke Survey

Participate in the Survey, Receive $200 Merchandise Card

The Health Effects of Wood Smoke Survey is recruiting people to learn how wood-burning stoves affect indoor air and the lungs.

Participants can join if:

  • They are 50 to 78 years old
  • They use a wood-burning stove to heat their home; and
  • They have a lung disease OR have a productive cough (coughs up mucus or phlegm)

In this study, participants will need to:

  • Place an indoor air quality monitor in the home – two times, for one week each time.
  • Send their phlegm sample and oral rinse samples twice.
  • Take health surveys.
  • Record their wood stove use and their symptoms each day for two weeks.

To thank participants for joining, participants will receive:

  • A $200 merchandise card
  • Personal results from the study

To learn more, contact Kristen McHenry (423)-773-3229, or at

The link to apply is This study is conducted with support from Boise State University, the Mountain West Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network, and the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center.