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Faculty Research Lightning Talks – Cybersecurity and Preventative Measures

The Center for Research and Creative Activity will host virtual faculty Lightning Talks on Cybersecurity and Preventative Measures. Please join Friday October 27th at 1:00 pm MST to hear brief talks, varying perspectives, and discussion on how these ideas are important to learning and research on campus.

Register for Lightning Talks Here

Presenters & Topics

  1. Marion Scheepers, PhD, Professor, Department of Mathematics
    Security Challenges in Machine Learning
  2. Maheshwar Boodraj, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology & Supply Chain Management
    Critical Skills for Managing Cybersecurity Projects
  3. Jaclyn Kettler, PhD, Associate Professor and NEW Leadership Coordinator, Political Science Program
    Increasing Confidence in Elections Through Incident Tracking
  4. Kurtis Cantley, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Neuromorphic Systems for Power Grid Cyber-Resilience
  5. Gaby Dagher, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
    Quorom-based Consensus Protocol for Healthcare Blockchain

Download Printable Flyer for Lightning Talks on Cybersecurity and Preventative Measures (PDF)