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Cost Share Form Definitions

1. Cost Sharing (AKA “Cost Share”)

That portion of a total sponsored project’s costs that are paid from sources other than funds provided by the sponsor. Cost Sharing can be imposed by a sponsor as a condition of award (i.e., Mandatory Committed Cost Sharing) or it can be voluntarily committed if offered by the University when it is not a sponsor requirement (i.e., Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing).

2. Mandatory Committed Cost Sharing**

Cost Sharing required by the sponsor as a condition of obtaining an award. It must be included, or a proposal will receive no consideration from a sponsor.

3. Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing**

Cost Sharing from resources offered by the University when they are not a specific sponsor requirement. This type of Cost Sharing is strongly discouraged by the University, and according to
2 CFR § 200.306(a), federal sponsors generally cannot use it as a factor during the merit review of proposals.

4. Cash Cost Sharing

Cost Sharing usually involves an outlay of hard dollars or funds specifically allocated to a sponsored project. Examples of Cash Cost Sharing are salaries and fringe benefits paid to employees who are working on the sponsored project, but which are not invoiced to the sponsor.

5. In-Kind Cost Sharing

In-Kind Cost Sharing contributions represent the fair market value of non-cash contributions allocated to the sponsored project. Examples of In-Kind Cost Sharing include providing volunteer time or the use of existing equipment or real property during sponsored project performance.

6. Third-Party Cost Sharing

Cash Cost Sharing and/or In-Kind Cost Sharing provided by entities other than the University.

7. Source

This is the source of Cost Sharing (e.g., PI or Co-PI salary/fringe) identified in the Cost Share Form.

8. Cash Cost Share Fund Source

This is the Oracle Financials Cloud (“OFC”) Fund, Department and Cost Center for the Cash Cost Share listed in the “Source” column of the Cost Share Form.

9. Total Required Cost Share

This is the total amount of Cost Sharing shown in the Cost Share Form that is required for the sponsored project in question.

10. Available from Source Shown

This is the amount of Cost Sharing that is available from the “Source” identified in the Cost Share Form.

11. Amount Needed from Other Source

This is the amount of Cost Sharing, in addition to the Cost Sharing provided by the “Source” identified in the Cost Share Form, that is needed to satisfy the Cost Sharing requirements of a sponsored project. The PI, in collaboration with his/her college/department/unit (and the Co-PI(s), if any, and his/her/their college(s)/department(s)/unit(s), is responsible for identifying these additional resources. When funds are shown in this column of the Cost Share Form, you must: (i) identify, at the bottom of the Cost Share Form, the Fund(s), Department(s) and Cost Center(s) for the additional resources; and (ii) provide/attach documentation of approval to use these resources from the fund source owner(s).

**When an award is received in which Cost Sharing was proposed, the Cost Sharing becomes a binding commitment which the University must document and provide as part of the sponsored project performance.

Revision Date: 10/2/2018

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