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The following is intended to be a brief overview of Boise State University’s (University) subaward negotiation, acceptance and monitoring process for sponsored projects. The University Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) recognizes that each subaward has its unique challenges and opportunities, so this process will be adapted as necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. If you have any questions about this subject matter, please contact an OSP Contracting Officer (CO) at


Steps for Subaward Negotiation and Acceptance

  1. During Award Acceptance, the CO completes Subrecipients’ Risk Assessments using the Risk Assessment Form and completes additional checks (e.g.,, Amber Road and the Subrecipient Commitment Forms) in Section 15 of the Award Review Checklist (i.e., Part II of Frevvo).
  2. After Award Acceptance, the CO who reviewed the award also reviews the information Subrecipients provided with their Subrecipient Commitment Forms (e.g., Statements of Work, Budgets, Budget Justifications, F&A Rate Agreements, Single Audits).  If necessary, the CO works with the PI and Subrecipients to obtain additional required information.
  3. The CO prepares the draft Subawards.  The drafts cannot be completed until the Award Setup is complete in the University’s financial system for the Prime Award. The terms and conditions of Subawards may vary between Subrecipients depending on factors such as OSP’s Risk Assessments (e.g., 2 CFR 200.332(b)), Subrecipients’ legal statuses (e.g., State entities, colleges/universities, non-profits, for-profits) and which regulations are applicable (e.g., Uniform Guidance in 2 CFR Part 200, Federal Acquisition Regulation System in Title 48 of the CFR).
  4. The CO requests the PI’s approval via email to send the Subawards to the Subrecipients for their review. This review process may also require the assistance of other offices, colleges, departments and centers on campus.  The length of time to complete this step varies due to differing priorities, work schedules and the complexity of issues.
  5. The CO sends the Subawards to the Subrecipients.  If a Subrecipient requests any changes to the Subaward, the CO seeks the PI’s approval via email to issue the negotiated Subaward to the Subrecipient If the Subrecipient does not request changes, the CO will not obtain any additional approvals from the PI.
  6. After the PI provides her/his approval via email, OSP coordinates with the Subrecipients to obtain fully signed Subawards.  Depending on Subrecipients’ availability, it could take several weeks or longer to receive fully signed Subawards.
  7. OSP notifies the PI and Business Manager via email that the Subawards have been signed.
  8. After signature, the Subrecipients, PI and the PI’s college and departmental personnel will primarily coordinate with the assigned OSP Sponsored Project Administrator (SPA) on matters such as Subrecipient performance, invoices and payments.  If there are Subrecipient performance concerns or disputes, the PI should also notify an OSP Contract Officer at

University's Approach to Subrecipient Monitoring

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