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COVID-19 Relating to Research

Considerations for Research Activities

Boise State is committed to supporting research activities during the pandemic and working with research groups to address challenges that may arise from conducting these activities and meeting the requirements and guidelines to help protect personnel.

It is imperative research groups meet university requirements and guidelines, and follow processes found at:

Due to the unique challenges research may bring, research groups must take into consideration personnel safety and willingness to participate along with the feasibility of meeting prevention practices. Groups must also keep in mind the situation is fluid and research activities may need to be stopped or ramped back down on short notice.

Research Safety Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans

Research groups are strongly encouraged to develop and maintain Research Safety Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) to help plan for work restrictions/stoppages. Review and approval is no longer required by the Division of Research and Economic Development or Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability.

Field Research

Field research offers its own set of challenges due to the nature of the work. It can involve traveling to remote locations, overnight stays, and limited facilities to name a few. It is critical that groups develop plans taking factors like these into consideration to meet any requirements and guidelines from the university or location of the work.


Travel may require local travel by vehicle or plane for more distant locations. Whatever the mode of transport, please refer to the university travel guidance found at:

Stop Work Readiness

Due to the fluid situation, each research group must be prepared to stop or reduce activities on short notice. Some examples to consider:

  • A spike in cases requires restrictions to return
  • A shortage of PPE or appropriate disinfectants
  • An individual in the group is diagnosed with COVID-19 and potentially exposed others in their work group.