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Industry Partnerships

Partner with the Division of Research and Economic Development to engage Boise State University’s faculty, staff, and students to support your business needs.

About the Division of Research and Economic Development

The Division of Research and Economic Development (DRED) challenges the status quo and finds creative solutions to address industry sponsors’ research and creative activity needs.

Blue Turf Thinking is pervasive in everything we do, including our innovative agreement terms and conditions that reduce risk and support our sponsors’ market competitiveness. As you read this page and speak with our DRED support team, you’ll see our commitment to delivering value in unexpected ways. When you succeed, we do too!

Partner with us!

Partnering with DRED provides many advantages to your business. Our skilled team can connect you with faculty, professional staff, and students, as well as technologies available to license from Boise State University’s intellectual property portfolio, to support your organization’s diverse needs.

As Idaho’s largest public university and a doctoral research institution (high research activity), Boise State University offers about 200 programs of study, including 14 doctoral programs, across seven academic colleges. Coupled with our interdisciplinary research and creative activities focused on solving Grand Challenges, this means we have the expertise you need!

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Enhanced Intellectual Property Rights

We provide sponsors with flexible and transparent intellectual property licensing and ownership options with no hidden fees.

Commercial Insurance & Indemnity Options

In addition to our standard self-insurance, we provide sponsors with commercial insurance and indemnity options to manage risk related the Boise State University’s performance of sponsored projects.

Flexible Information Security Standards

We recognize that the security of sponsors’ data and systems is critically important. That’s why we provide sponsors with flexible and clearly identified information security standards.

The Micron Center for Materials Research

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We’re excited to meet you. Please reach out and we’ll help you find the right path to your goals.

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Industry-Sponsored Research Templates and Processes

Industry Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

The following Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement was designed for efficiency and consistency with our Industry-Sponsored Research Agreement, and with industry sponsors’ needs in mind. To enter into this agreement with Boise State University, please email the DRED support team.

Industry-Sponsored Research Agreement

The following Industry-Sponsored Research Agreement templates are used by Boise State University to contract with industry sponsors for their research and creative activity needs. The terms and conditions are consistent with our Industry Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and were collaboratively developed with businesses to address some of industry sponsors’ primary concerns, including intellectual property licensing and ownership, confidentiality, information security, insurance, indemnity, and publication. We would appreciate an opportunity to share details about these unique agreements. Please contact our DRED support team to schedule a Zoom or in-person conversation.

Industry-Sponsored Research Agreement Intellectual Property Terms Upfront Commercial Licenses

The following document sets forth the upfront commercial intellectual property licenses outlined in Paragraph G, Intellectual Property, of the Industry-Sponsored Research Agreement. We would appreciate an opportunity to share details about these innovative intellectual property licenses. Please contact our DRED support team to schedule a Zoom or in-person conversation.

Agreement Negotiation, Acceptance, and Administration Steps

Sponsoring a project at Boise State University is easy. The steps include:

  • Developing a Scope of Work with the university’s Principal Investigator (i.e., faculty member) under an Industry Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary;
  • Negotiating a mutually acceptable Industry-Sponsored Research Agreement using the provided templates;
  • Obtaining any necessary institutional approvals; and
  • Performing the work.

If you’re interested, more detailed engagement steps are available. Please reach out to our DRED support team with any questions.

Industry and Research News

Stay in the loop with our latest Industry and Research News. From cutting-edge breakthroughs to innovative solutions, we rise and make the world a better place. Explore the diverse challenges we tackle fearlessly and get ready to be inspired—we’re Boise State.

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