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Video Transcript – On Campus Program

Video Transcript

[upbeat music]

[b-roll of respiratory care students using equipment]

[Camille]: Hi, I’m Camille Stover. I’m the Program Director for the Entry to Practice Respiratory Care Program here at Boise State University. Our program works to prepare students to practice as respiratory therapists. Our students get firsthand experience working with ventilators, respiratory equipment, and simulation mannequins. This prepares students to participate and work in the clinical setting as respiratory care practitioners after graduation. Additionally, our students participate in clinical rotations, both here in the Boise Valley and have the opportunity to go practice at larger clinical facilities across the country during their final semesters within the program.


[Alyssa]: Hi, my name is Alyssa Zemke. I’m the director of Clinical Education for the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care Program here at Boise State University. I’m a graduate of the on campus as well as our Masters in Respiratory Care Program and have been a registered respiratory therapist for 17 years. I love that our program is so student centered, and we get the opportunity to provide students with a unique learning environment that prepares them for their professional careers beyond the classroom. I partner with hospitals in the valley and across the nation to set up clinical opportunities for our students to experience what it’s like to work within a large health care system. Our students get firsthand, real life experience with treating patients as part of their curriculum.


[Megan]: Hi, my name is Megan Koster. I’m the Department Chair here in Respiratory Care at Boise State University. I’m a graduate of our on campus program and a firm believer that once you’re here, you’re family. Our alumni often go on to become adjunct instructors, clinical preceptors for our on campus students, or even faculty in one of our three amazing programs. Did you know that our programs are the most well known and highly sought after in the nation? That’s because we believe that creating the next generation of highly recruited respiratory therapists is our mission, and we strive to provide our students with the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to be successful.


[Rachelle, Student]: BSU’s program for Respiratory Care has really prepared me for the future. The faculty has been great about making sure that we know everything that we need to for our careers, and making sure that we have every opportunity to practice prior to graduating. They take extra time just to make sure that we are prepared for our career.


[upbeat music swells as Boise State logo is shown]