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ROOT - Researching Order of Teaching

Improving Grades 6-8 students’ mathematics achievement in modeling and problem solving through effective sequencing of instructional practices.

June 10, 2022

Math Teaching Conference

Thank you to the 175 participants and dozens of presenters for making the conference so meaningful and enjoyable.

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Saturday, Dec 11, 2021, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, In-Person

ROOT Module #7

Teachers will review the first crossover and prepare for the second crossover of their studies. Teachers will also begin discussing and preparing for the Summer Conference 2022.

Slides - Winter Crossover planning

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Monday - Thursday, June 21st - 24th, 2021, In-Person

ROOT Summer Institute

The institute will review the teaching studies completed in the 2020 – 2021 school year, and will prepare teachers for the studies to be completed in the 2021 – 2022 school year.

General Agenda


Slides - ROOT Summer Institute

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ROOT Module #6 - Spring Teaching Studies

  • To Prepare: Choose one February virtual PD session to attend. Complete module 6 Pre-PD tasks, and Fall Teaching Study.

Slides - Pre-PD Tasks

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Slides - Spring Teaching Studies

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ROOT Module #5 - Fall Teaching Studies

  • To Prepare: Choose one October virtual PD session to attend. Consider an EAC/SOS strategy to implement in your Fall Teaching Study.

Slides - Launching Teaching Studies

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Fun Math Trick

The 3 Digit Number Trick

ROOT Module #4 - Preparing for Teaching Studies

  • To Prepare: Try an SOS routine in your classroom. Identify one or two EAC/SOS strategies you would like to implement in your Fall Teaching Study.

Slides - Preparing for Teaching Study

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Online submissions

Module completion checklist

ROOT Module #3 - SOS in Focus

  • To Prepare: Try an EAC routine in your classroom, be ready to talk about it. Identify a lesson you’re planning to use soon, to think about adapting for SOS.

Slides - SOS in Focus

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Online Submissions

5 forms, embedded in the slides
Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2020, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

ROOT Module #2 - EAC in Focus


Slides - EAC in Focus


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Saturday, Feb 1st, 2020, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

ROOT Module #1 - Intro to ROOT


Slides - Intro to ROOT

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Fall/Winter/Spring 2020

Teaching Studies

The focus of Year 2 efforts is identifying and articulating promising strategies for implementing EAC and SOS.

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About ROOT



How do I submit my classroom lessons?

Each year, ROOT teachers will choose 3 lessons that illustrate what they each consider to be effective math instruction in their context. Please see the Lesson Submission Guidelines, then use the Lesson Submission Form to upload artifacts.

How do I record video?

ROOT staff will provide you shared equipment for recording classroom video. See Using Swivl for details.

What are the Year 1 stipend payments?

  • Payment #1, $450, after 3 lesson submissions, ~ 1 month after submission
  • Payment #2, $300, after completing Spring Modules, ~ Apr 3
  • Payment #3, $750, after completing Summer Institute, ~ July 31

Do we need parent/guardian permission forms?

As a research project, we need informed consent of parents/guardians of students who may be video recorded as part of teachers’ lesson submissions. If you know which class(es) you’ll choose to record, then you can skip the permission slips in your other classes. Email for more information, including online, printable, and Spanish-language versions of the permission form.


How do I apply?

Please submit the brief ROOT Application form. The deadline for priority selection was September 30, 2019.

What are the teacher commitments?

Teachers will participate in PD activities (see timeline), select and utilize sequences of research based instructional practices in their classroom, and continue with the project for all 3 years.

What are the school commitments?

Partnered schools will encourage teacher participation, administer the mid-year math assessment, and submit student math assessment data (within the data security protocols).

How much are the stipends that will be given?

Teachers will receive a stipend each year of participation: $1500 for year 1, $2000 for year 2, and $2500 in year 3.

Do all math teachers at a school need to participate?

No, thought we prioritize schools with at least half of eligible teachers participating.

Will teachers need to use new curriculum?

No, teachers will utilize teaching strategies designed for any curriculum

Will this project disrupt existing initiatives?

The project is meant to support, not replace, teachers’ existing efforts to innovate.

What happens if I anticipate conflict(s) with the participation requirements?

During selection, we’ll generally need to prioritize teachers who can meet all the commitments. However, we understand conflicts will come up for many, so please go ahead and apply (making a note of your conflicting commitments). If selected, we’ll work with you to make up any missed meetings.

Will I get pulled out of my classroom and have to get substitutes?

No, the ROOT project will not require you to miss any days throughout the school year.  During the first year, teacher participants will attend three Saturday meetings (Feb. 1st, Feb. 22nd, Mar. 14th, 2020) and a Summer Institute (June 22nd – June 25th, 2020). In subsequent years, Regional Math Specialists may visit you during your regular work day, and we’ll meet annually for 4-day Summer Institutes.

What to expect of Year 2

In 2020-21, ROOT participation comes with $2750 in stipends and 4 paid PD credits.

  • After Aug/Sept Virtual Module (due Nov 1), $375
  • Teaching Study (due January, $625 stipend)
    • 2-3 weeks, implemented with support from your RMS
  • PD Meetings (Winter, $375 stipend)
    • (hopefully in person!) interpret results from Fall, plan for Spring
  • Group Teaching Study (Spring, $625 stipend)
    • 2-4 weeks, implemented with a small group of ROOT colleagues 
  • Summer Institute (June, $750 stipend)
    • Decide on “promising” strategies, plan for 2021-22 activities