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RMC Programs

RMC Staff work closely with district partners to develop and implement high quality professional development connecting the research on improving student math achievement with the expertise of local teachers, teacher-leaders, and administrators.

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Programs by Region

NSF-Funded Project

ROOT - Researching Order of Teaching

Improving Grades 6-8 students’ mathematics achievement in modeling and problem solving through effective sequencing of instructional practices.

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Interactive Math Teaching Modules

Dig deeper into grade-band focused strands of mathematics content. Participation includes cycles of meeting with colleagues, followed by implementation in the classroom and reflection.

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Numeracy Project

The Numeracy Project provides schools with free tools and resources to meet the needs of all students and supports teachers as they implement cycles of intervention in mathematics.

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Book Study

Read and discuss a selected math education book through 6 scheduled meetings with a self-organized group. Includes assistance from RMC staff and accountability partners for implementing ideas in classrooms.

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Math Education Learning Communities

Learn more about an important contemporary topic in mathematics education. Includes reading and reflection, along with facilitated discussion with colleagues.

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Sign-up Opportunities

TMT Grades 4-9, College of Southern Idaho

TMT Grades K-3, Boise State University

TMT Grades K-3, Boise State University

TMT Grades 4-9, Boise State University

TMT Grades K-3, College of Southern Idaho

TMT Grades K-3, Boise State University