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Events and Activities

Events and activities proposed to and/or organized by Boise State University, our affiliates, the community and third party attendees should be assessed every step of the way.  Safety must be the primary concern followed by the protection of property and upholding University values. Let’s Review:

  • Begin your own risk assessment to get you started. Once complete, please submit to for our review. A team member from our office will follow-up with you for additional feedback and recommendations, if necessary.
  • For third parties who would like to partake in or hold events/activities on campus, please review the Insurance Requirements as outlined by the State of Idaho.  For those that do not carry a policy which meets the insurance requirements, check out TULIP – a special event coverage.
  • The Office of Risk Management and Insurance has the right to deny any request or event/activity based on the determined impact of risk.

How to Proceed