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Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship

Preparing students for a career in the Arts.

Why Arts Entrepreneurship?

We begin by encouraging you to take a long hard look at your career goals and the jobs landscape you are entering. 

We talk at length about, exploring, discovering, and applying for opportunities. We provide guidance for resume structure, portfolio development, and brand building. We help in determining what skills you need while giving focus to creativity as a skillset that can prepare you for a variety of jobs both in and outside of the creative economy.

Arts Entrepreneurship will help you acquire the diverse skills needed to put your creative expertise to work. We are proud to prepare students for a career in the Arts!

The Arts Entrepreneurship Minor is open to all students.

What do we offer?


AE101 - Working Artists 21st Century

This class will help you answer the age-old question: “What are you going to do with that degree?”

AE105 - Preparing for Creative Careers

You’ll have the opportunity to talk to a variety of Creative Professionals and find out: “What do Artists do in the Real World?”

AE201 - Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Creative Sector – Online

This class is for figuring out how to: “Put your Creativity to Work” and you’ll walk away with a business plan.

AE401 – Branding and Marketing in the Arts

This upper-division course is intended to clarify “The difference between Branding and Marketing” and provide tools for the successful implementation of both.

AE402 – Finance and Fundraising for the Arts

This upper-division course is intended to provide expertise and tools to understand and implement revenue related ideas.


AE294 or 494 How To Be a Teaching Artist


AE294 or 494 Designing a Project Plan


Who are we?

  • Sue Latta

  • Jane Naillon

  • Elena Tomorowitz