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Financial Wellness

Designed to help you acquire the skills needed to minimize debt, alleviate stress and foster a healthy relationship with money.


Vision and Mission

Money Matters

Confidential guidance and support related to personal finance matters for students and their families with Financial Wellness Coordinator Dana Oster.

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Cash Class

Group educational opportunities: learn basic money skills including money personality, financial goal setting, developing a spending plan (budgeting) and building credit.

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Getting Started

Checklists to set you up for a successful financial journey through college

Meet With Us

Get involved with our program through one-on-one meetings, classes and club participation!

Financial Fitness

Financial exercises for students and educators

Educational Library and Arcade

Games and videos to continue your financial wellness journey

Scholarships and Loans

Understand the cost of attendance and access opportunities to help you fill the gap

Support Resources

Campus and community resources for daily living

Living on One's Own

Meet the needs and expenses of living independently

Educational Funding Choices

Financial planning for your educational journey

Handling Life After College

Plan to meet your life's demands before you graduate