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Boise State University Tuition and Fees

As of March 2022, the Idaho State Board of Education approved a new policy on student fees at Idaho’s four-year public higher education institutions, making some student fees optional. Students have the option to request a waiver of the Student Activity Fee ($4.00 for full-time students, or $0.36/credit for part-time students) by coming to the Student Financials Office in Administration Building Room 101, and completing a form.

Transaction Wash Period: A transaction wash period allows students a period of time in which to complete a wash transaction.  This is similar to a class swap after the deadline to drop classes with a refund. At Boise State, there is a twenty-four hour wash period. In other words, if a student drops and adds the same number of credits within a twenty-four hour period, it is considered a wash; the student will not be charged for the class dropped, only for the class added. This means if the classes have the same number of credits the fees will not change.  If the class added has additional credits or class fees above the dropped class, only those charges will be added.  If the student later drops the second class as well, they will again be charged for the first class. If the class added has fewer credits than the class dropped, the student will be charged for both classes.