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Department of Sociology

We study the key divisions of society:

The social order, social inequality, social change, class, race, gender, labor, and sexuality.

The Department of Sociology is a Community for Social Change, Social Justice and Equality


Become An Agent Of Social Change

You want to better understand the cultures and social structures of societies throughout history.

You want to better understand the nature, causes and consequences of the inequalities and oppressions associated with race, class, gender, sexuality, age and ability.

You want to know more about the economy, family, government, religion, media, and the environment – all at once.

You want to acquire the methodological skills necessary to conduct scholarly research.

You want a career in the social services, marketing, teaching, community organizing, research, law enforcement, counseling, non-profit management, corrections, or one of many other fields.

You want to apply for graduate school, including programs in the social sciences, public administration, education and law.