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28 MPH Students Present Research Posters at the Graduate Student Showcase

Master of Public Health (MPH) students flexed their presentation skills this week at the Boise State Graduate Student Showcase. Twenty-eight MPH students presented research posters — sharing their work with faculty, students and the university community. 

As part of the university’s Research Month celebrations, nearly 230 Boise State students presented work at the Graduate Student Showcase. 

Six MPH students received Graduate Student Showcase Awards:
  • COHS Graduate College Award: Anita Suljic
  • Deans Award: Adrian Rodriguez, Kaydin Griffin, Macy Jordan, Delmy Flores, Life Ilunga
View the following list of MPH student participants and the title of their research posters: 
  • Delmy Flores: “Lack of Knowledge: Health Literacy and Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Hispanic Women in Idaho”
  • Jianna Gimenez: “Assessing Chronic Exposure to Glyphosate Using Urine Analysis” Sanzida Afrin: “Evaluation of the Medical Education Loan Repayment Program in Idaho”
  • Hunter Berry: “Legislative Advocacy in Idaho”
  • Ellie Christian: “WIC Recruitment and Retention Strategies”
  • Lexi Cole: “Understanding Suicide Prevention Factors in Neurodiverse Populations”
  • Sarah Green: “Health Literacy Within Newly Arriving Refugee Communities”
  • Kaydin Griffin: “From Awareness to Action: Community-led Efforts to Advance Youth Mental Well-being”
  • Raigan Hetz: “Food Licensing fees for Retail Food Establishments”
  • Life Ilunga: “US Maternal Health Equity Among Immigrant Populations”
  • Macy Jordan: “Car Seat Safety Check Program Evaluation”
  • Srijana Mainali: “Estimate effects of tobacco smoking and environmental pollution on urinary bladder cancer in Idaho”
  • Hailey Merrick: “Stress Reduction for Families with a Child Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
  • Abeer Natouf: “Enhancing Safety and Resilience: An Emergency Preparedness Training Initiative for Vulnerable Communities in Idaho on Public Safety Power Shut Off”
  • Alyssa Romero: “Unveiling Lessons for Effective Healthcare Access: Medicaid Funding Models in Idaho’s Peer States – A Literature Review”
  • Danny Sandoval: “Burnout and Resilience Among Idaho Crisis and Suicide Hotline Staff: A Cross-Secitonal Study”
  • Danielle Smith: “Enhancing Youth Mental Health in Idaho Through Data-Driven Policies”
  • Anita Suljic: “A Mountain of Challenge: A Policy and Data Analysis on Suicide in Idaho”
  • Heather Terrall: “Implications of Budget Cuts on Public Health Programs”
  • Oliver Thompson: “Modifiable Risk Factors Associated with Cognitive Decline”
  • Brie Veltri: “Nutrition Program Utilization: WIC Eligible Participants and Why They Aren’t Enrolling”
  • Adrian Rodriguez: “Improving Hispanic Family Caregiver Projects: Identifying How Unique Barriers and Cultural Values Influence Service Utilization and Caregiver Roles”
  • Ashlyn Mills: “Students as Caregivers and Resources Needed to Succeed”