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Strategies to Writing a Strong Internship Description

There are many ways to create an internship description! If you are seeking guidance on potential strategies to do so, please see below:

Questions to Start With

As you start writing the description for the internship you would like to post, please consider the following as you structure the internship:

  • Do you have enough work for an intern to complete throughout the course of the term? To earn 1 academic credit, students must complete 45 hours of internship work. If a student is hoping to earn 3 credits, they will be completing 135 hours of work, which equates to approximately 8-10 hours per week.
  • Will the internship supervisor be available to to onboard and mentor the intern throughout their experience?
  • Does this internship have pre-established goals or projects that you hope the student will support?
  • Will the student have opportunities to network with staff or stakeholders?
  • Will the student have opportunities to shadow presentations, projects, or meetings?

Internship Description Components

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