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How to share professional opportunities with students

We look forward to sharing your organization’s professional opportunities with students and alumni in the School of Public and Population Health (SPPH). Below is a quick guide to get started. Still have questions? Contact SPPH.

Reaching students in SPPH

Send us a brief description and a link SPPH will promote relevant jobs and internships via our student newsletter and professional opportunities list. We are unable to share job postings without a link but you can post to Handshake and we can direct students there (info below).

Attend the Meet and Greet – This SPPH biannual event draws organizations from across the Treasure Valley to share professional opportunities with students.

Utilizing Career Services

Handshake This is Boise State’s tool for posting jobs, internships, and work-study opportunities. Posting to Handshake won’t ensure that our students will see it so be sure to also send us an email so we can help promote your opportunity.

Career Coach Kelsey Nelson –  Our Career Services liaison, Kelsey coordinates with employers and faculty to support students in their professional development and career goals.