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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Where have students interned previously?

Hundreds of SPPH students have done internships in the last 5 years. Students have completed internships in a variety of fields including epidemiology, health education and promotion, health informatics and information management, and more. For help finding internships look at the How to Find an Internship webpage. 

When is the last day to register for academic credit?

Please view the academic calendar to determine the last day to register for academic credit for an internship.

When should I start looking for an internship?

Although deadlines and availability of internships vary, it is recommended that you start this process the semester before you hope to complete your internship. 

What if I want to do an internship at a company that doesn’t have internships posted?

Many internships have started from students reaching out to organizations that may not have a formalized internship process. After you reflect on why you are excited to contribute to that organization, you can reach out via email, through a mutual connection, on LinkedIn, etc. to establish a connection and start a conversation about the potential of interning.

Helpful Tip: Before doing this outreach, prepare your resume in case they would like to communicate with you further and learn more about your academic/professional work history.

Do I need to register for academic credit?

This depends on a few factors.

  • Do you need internship credits to graduate?
  • Does the internship you are completing require you to receive academic credit?