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Internship Grading Rubric

Communication (Oral & Written)Professional, error free, timelyRegular communicationUnclear and sloppyIncomplete and unresponsiveLittle or none
Professionalism Appearance & BehaviorProfessional attire & behaviorAppropriateCoaching neededCasual apparel, indifferenceComplaints
Responsibility & DependabilityMet all deadlines, attended all meetings. Good follow through on projects.Missed no more than one meeting and deadline. Good follow through on projects.Late/missed, rescheduled deadlines, time management challenges. Poor follow through, needs prompting, lack of attention to details in work.Incomplete work, cannot depend on projects being done on timeIncomplete work
Quality of workExtra effort, did extra deliverablesVaried engagement depending on scheduleMet the minimum, reluctance to do moreMultiple errors even with feedback, completes only the required activitiesPoor quality. Not acceptable in a professional work setting.
Contribution & ProductivityExceeded expectations, new ideas, additional deliverables, Able to take a task and develop steps to succeed with little directionDeliverables exceeded expectations, professional, few errors, Needed minimal directionMet minimum, Average contributions to the agency, Needed oversight, reminders, supervisor initiated contactWork has multiple errors, work requires substantial revision, poor productivity, Needed aggressive oversight, reminders, supervisor consistently initiated contact.Supervisor often concerned about quality of work. Need to contact/contacted Dr. Spear regarding performance