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McCullough Featured in Children’s Health Care Article

Mac McCullough

School of Public and Population Health Associate Professor Mac McCullough was recently interviewed for the WalletHub article: “2023’s Best & Worst States for Children’s Health Care.” 

The article focused on the expense and necessary aspects of children’s health care. McCullough was one of several health finance experts featured in the article.

For insight and advice on ensuring the best health care for children in the United States, WalletHub asked McCullough some key questions about some of the aspects of raising a healthy child. 

“It is not always the first thing we think of, but high-quality education and stable housing are incredibly important for the health of an entire population,” McCullough said. “This is not to say that doctors are not important, but research shows that, across the population, most of our overall health outcomes are driven by factors beyond just hospitals and doctor visits.”

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