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HIIM Q&A: Ben Hall

Ben Hall

The week of April 17th is Health Informatics Professionals week! We reached out to Health Informatics and Information Management student Ben Hall to hear what he had to say about his studies and experience as a student!

Why did you choose to pursue a health information-related  field?

I chose to purse a health-information related filed because I wanted to work in healthcare, but I wanted to help more so in the background — with more of the technology side of things.

What do you love most about the HIIM program?

I love the small class sizes that come with the program. I feel like I get to know my professors and classmates better than I would in a larger setting. This overall makes the environment feel more friendly and welcoming!

What advice do you have for future HIIM students?

For future HIIM students, I would recommend they talk to advisors beforehand to get a grasp of what the program is like. Before taking some of my core classes, I had a conversation with Professor Jaime Sand and this really helped me understand what exactly my degree would be.