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Meet and Greet: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrive late or leave early?
Students are welcome to come and go as they need, but will get the most out of the event by staying the full two hours! Refreshments and networking will conclude at 5 p.m.

Are there opportunities for freshmen at this event?
Yes! Boise State students of every major and class standing are encouraged to attend. You will learn about volunteer, internship and employment opportunities for students who are just starting at Boise State, for those about to graduate, and for everyone in between.

Will there be food?
Yes, there will be complimentary refreshments.

What should I bring to the event? Should I bring resumes and/or cover letters?
We recommend that you bring multiple copies of your resume so that you can leave one with the organizations you are most interested in following up with. You won’t need to prepare a cover letter for this event.

Do I meet with each agency or just the agencies I am interested in?
While it’s great to know what you are looking for ahead of time, we encourage you to keep an open mind and connect with as many agencies as possible. Some organizations of them will have opportunities you hadn’t considered!

What is an “elevator pitch” and how do I prepare one?
An elevator pitch is a quick summary of your background and experience and helps you introduce yourself in a compelling way.

Try this easy template to brainstorm your elevator pitch:
Hello, my name is ____ and I am completing a degree in ____. I am interested in a career in (or position as a) ____ in the field/industry of ____. I have been involved (during college) in ____ and developed skills in ____. I have also had experience as an employee/intern/leader/volunteer as a ____ with ____ and discovered that I really enjoy ____. Could you tell me more about ____?

How should I dress?
We recommend students dress in business casual, or whatever you might wear to a class presentation.

Here are some examples of business casual do’s and don’ts:

Business Casual Do's and Don'ts. Do's: Female model wears blouse, pants and shoes. Don'ts: Female model wears shirt, shorts, open-toe shoes. Do's Male model wears button up shirt, slacks, shoes. Don'ts: Male model wears t-shirt, joggers and sneakers