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Accelerated Master of Public Health Application and Review Process


The student will first submit a Boise State University Graduate Admission Application and application fee. The priority application deadline is January 15th for fall admission — this means applications are due at least 3 semesters before a student plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. 

When submitting a graduate admission application, students should select the “accelerated master’s degree program” option. 

Review program eligibilty requirements before applying

Graduate admission application materials to be submitted include the following:
  • An application form and application fee.
  • A 500–word statement explaining educational and career background and future objectives.
  • A current resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Two letters of recommendation. Ideally, at least one should be from a current or former professor.
  • Completion of a proctored writing examination.


Application Review

  1. Initial Review: Graduate College staff review the graduate admission applications and prepare information for a Program Admission Recommendation (PAR) review by the program.
  2. Program Review and Recommendation: Designated program faculty and staff carefully review the application materials, following a process developed by the program. An emphasis of this review is to assess the student’s readiness to pursue a master’s degree on an accelerated schedule. At the completion of the review the Graduate Program Coordinator enters an admission recommendation on the PAR form.
  3. Final Review: The Associate Graduate Dean reviews the application, enters the final decision and notifies the applicant and the program.