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Accelerated Master of Public Health

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About the Accelerated Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health (MPH) is a cohort model program that trains health professionals through educational programs, research and community service opportunities so that they may have the knowledge and skill necessary to make a substantive contribution to the health of individuals, communities and the environment.

The accelerated version of the Master of Public Health is designed to provide selected SPPH undergraduate students the opportunity to be admitted into the school’s MPH degree program and begin their graduate coursework while completing their undergraduate degree.


Program Details

Students accepted to the accelerated master’s program can enroll in up to twelve (12) credits of 500-level courses during the last two semesters of their undergraduate career. These 500-level courses can be used to satisfy the degree requirements for both the bachelor’s and master’s degree. 

The remaining requirements for the master’s degree are satisfied by the student in the semesters subsequent to the award of the bachelor’s degree. All requirements for both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees must be met. 

Students must select one of the following three MPH emphasis areas: 


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants must be a Boise State undergraduate student majoring in Health Studies, Public Health or Health Data Analytics.
  2. Completion of at least 75 credits required for the undergraduate degree by the end of the application semester.
  3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. 

A student’s career goals, and the fit between those goals and an MPH degree, will be carefully considered. All students applying for the accelerated version of the MPH degree must schedule an appointment with the MPH Program Director for a brief interview to discuss their career goals. 

In addition, students must meet with their undergraduate adviser to ensure that enrolling in the accelerated MPH degree program will not delay completion of their undergraduate education and earning of their bachelor’s degree.


Program Course Registration

Students admitted into the accelerated master’s program register for the following courses based on their chosen emphasis area during the last two semesters of their undergraduate career: 

Registering for any 500-level course requires a Permit for Seniors to Take Graduate Courses form, available via the Registrar’s Office website. 

Students who have previously completed the 400-level undergraduate versions of dual-listed 500-level MPH courses won’t be permitted to enroll in the graduate version of the course or courses. If these courses are required for the master’s degree, the student will work with the MPH Program Director to identify acceptable substitutes.

Learn More About the Application and Review Process

Post-Graduation Information

Students will be admitted to the MPH program with “conditional” status, pending completion of their undergraduate degree.

Once they complete their undergraduate degree requirements and the degree is posted by the Registrar’s Office, admitted students will be classified as MPH graduate students. At this time, they are eligible to apply to the graduate program for a Graduate Assistantship.


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