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The Andrus Center for Public Policy is a nonprofit entity within Boise State’s School of Public Service.  All gifts to the Center are managed by Boise State University Foundation,  a tax-exempt Idaho organization under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (#82-6010706), and are eligible for federal and state charitable income tax deductions. The Center is overseen by a Board of Governors with Tracy Andrus serving as Chair in the wake of the passing of her father, Cecil D. Andrus.

The Center’s conferences have focused on, among other issues, the environment, journalism and public policy, national security, equality in the workforce and civil liberties. The Center has been instrumental in bringing to Idaho top national environmental and natural resources leaders, current and former members of Congress, nationally prominent journalists and business leaders.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the financial support of individuals, corporations, and foundations in order to sustain our work. If you enjoy what the Andrus Center has to offer, please consider donating a one-time, monthly or sustaining gift. Not only is your gift tax-deductible but it is also eligible for the Idaho Education Tax Credit.

Donors can choose to give in four categories:

Stewards of Tomorrow Endowment

Stewards of Tomorrow Endowment supports Boise State University students pursuing environmental and public land management careers with experiential learning, workforce preparation, and career advocacy so that they may become our Stewards of Tomorrow.

Andrus Scholars Fund Endowment

Andrus Scholars Fund Endowment supports the annual selection of three (3) sponsored internships with federal, state, nonprofit, or other mission-centered business enterprises that provide Boise State students with meaningful work experience that will enhance learning and skill development and assist in post-graduation job placement.

Cecil D. Andrus Chair for Environment and Public Lands Endowment

Cecil D. Andrus Chair for Environment and Public Lands Endowment  funds the naming of a distinguished scholar to lead the Center’s environment and public lands work.

Andrus Center Administrative Fund

Andrus Center Administrative Fund is used for day to day business operations and programming. Excess funds in the Administrative Account are rolled to the endowment on an annual basis.

To donate to one of the above giving center options, visit the giving page by clicking the following link.