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Shirlene M. Elledge LCSW, CPM, CNHP

Shirlene ElledgeBio:

Shirlene’s professional career has been devoted to helping individuals and organizations engage in purposeful lives, thriving relationships and healthy systems. She is the owner and director of The Adlerian Relationship Center. Shirlene has developed the Elements of Excellence™ programs and workshops which she facilitates throughout the United States, working with organizations, individuals, couples and families. Shirlene holds many certifications which include certified facilitator and instructor, certified professional mediator, life coach, Certified Gottman Couples Therapist and she is a specialist in trauma informed clinical therapy. Shirlene is the author of Family Thrive, and contributing author to Discovering Excellent Health. She has authored articles, webinars, and trainings in collaborative partnerships and mediation based businesses. She is an author on diversity, specifically cultural awareness, and has presented her published research at the National Baccalaureate Program Directors of Social Work Education Conference as well as other state and local conferences. Shirlene has also presented on topics of Collaborative Co-parenting, Step Family Dynamics, and Parenting Teens. Shirlene is the recipient of the Idaho Mediation Association Founders Award. Her Masters degree in Social Work is from Boise State University. Shirlene has been an adjunct instructor for the Boise State University Dispute Program since 2015.


When Shirlene is not engaged in her work, she treasures time spent with her family and reconnecting with her roots on the family farm in central Idaho. She enjoys rafting the Idaho whitewater with her husband and occasionally picking up a paintbrush.