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Experiential Learning

students hiking at Lucky Peak
Lucky Peak Wildlife Management Area site visit

 “It’s not just what you do, it’s who you become”

We believe there must be an integration between what happens inside and outside the classroom.  Our professors are dedicated to designing and delivering a curriculum that is relevant, practical and inspirational.  We aim to prepare you for many rewarding careers—and more importantly a well-considered life—by blending soft and hard skills that empower you to be your best you.

Hands-on Experiences

ENVSTD students don’t just learn; they apply their knowledge to their communities! From service learning in our intro classes to consulting projects in our capstones, environmental studies students get authentic, hands-on experiences throughout their degree. We also require at least 2 credits of individualized and formal experiential learning (see list below). We also honor and encourage more!

Experiential Learning options include:

  • ENVSTD 493 Internship
  • SPS 395 Public Service Studio
  • URBAN 489 Investigate Boise
  • VIP 400 Vertically Integrated Projects

Check with the program director for information on study abroad programs, field schools, and apprenticeships that might also qualify in this category!

Work on real-world challenges with supportive faculty and interdisciplinary teams

Vertically Integrated Projects

Teams need students with diverse skills, interests, talents, and majors. You don’t have to already be an expert to join a team.

To get started, view project info below and then complete this inquiry form and you will be contacted by the faculty to learn more about the project. Need help finding the right project? Contact us or use this searchable project list to view projects by Fall 2020 course delivery (in-person, hybrid, or remote) and other key words.

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