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Transportation at Boise State

Transportation poster
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Cord Roth, Austin Owens, Cass Jones, Paul Augustine, Brittany Crossen


  • Parking and Transportation is an ever changing entity at Boise State
  • It is commonly perceived that parking is limited and inconvenient, however BSU maintains an excess of parking passes and offers some of the least expensive parking options compared to metropolitan universities similar to BSU
  • BSU is a major commuter school, and busses and other transportation modes are a necessity
  • If we can increase the price of parking passes, we could pay for more bus routes and other alternative transportation

Transportation Demand Management

  • Transportation demand management tends to steer the transportation methods utilized
  • Boise State uses the model of affordability, accessibility, and sustainability to encourage transportation efficiency on campus

Student Survey Results

  • 73% of BSU students drive when they commute to campus
  • BSU’s peak parking hours are Monday through Thursday, 9am to 10pm
  • 32% of freshman live on campus. Therefore an increase in parking prices for freshman on-campus residents would not produce sufficient revenue
  • The majority of freshman use a vehicle 4-10 days a month


  • The survey responses show a high elasticity in response to parking pass prices
  • The survey results confirm that students are willing to pay BSU’S scheduled annual parking price increase of 2%
  • Increasing permit prices by 5% or 10% would allow for added revenue toward alternative transportation

Student Involvement

ASBSU needs student involvement and to create a small transportation fee included in tuition that would pay for added alternate modes of transportation and extended shuttle routes

Boise State Shuttle Routes

  • Boise State’s existing shuttles are outdated and will be replaced within the next few years New BSU shuttle busses will be fueled by alternative energy sources
  • In attempt to minimize the drivers from areas such as the North End, The Bench, Park Center, and the streets south of campus we have proposed extended shuttle routes to these areas: South of campus loop and Vista loop.