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2023 Committees

On day one, committees will debate and pick one topic from their committee list below. Delegates should prepare position papers for each of their committee’s topics prior to the competition.

Human Security

  • Ending child hunger by ensuring sustainable food production systems and increased investment in agriculture
  • Protecting children from human trafficking networks
  • Creating international standards of equal and safe access to primary education

Trade and Commerce

  • Creating international standards against child labor 
  • Promoting gender equity in international sporting events  
  • Developing rural areas through advancing educational opportunities related to food production and distribution

Technology and Innovation

  • Imagining inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable livable spaces in urban environments 
  • Regulating the online environment and social media in the interest of youth mental health 
  • Removing leftover weapons of war and the prevention of civilian casualties in former conflict zones

Security Council

15-20 Students

The Model United Nations Security Council  will work on a fictional crisis, based on real-life events in Afghanistan. The crisis will imagine a breakdown of governing promises by the Taliban administration in Afghanistan and toward young women, schools, and universities. The UNSC will have to debate the proper response to the crisis and what level of international intervention is appropriate.