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A New Church Committee?

Church Committee, White House and CIA


Press: Don’t be fooled: Jim Jordan is no Frank Church

Open Letter to Rep. Jim Jordan – Church Committee Aides Warn Jordan to Eschew Partisanship – New York Times 2/15/2023
Staff members from the panel viewed as the gold standard of congressional inquiry advised the top Republican to pursue a bipartisan inquiry and operate in good faith with Democrats.

Real Church Committee Advises Jim Jordan’s “New Church Committee” to Change Course – 2/16/2023

Time Magazine 1/18/2023 – Why Republicans Are Comparing a New House Investigative Panel to the Church Committee

New House Committee is Nothing Like 1970s Church Committee

Frm. Church Aide Loch Johnson on MSNBC – Mehdi Hasan show – 1/27/2023

History as it happens Church Committee(s)
Apple Podcast – History as it Happens: Martin Di Caro’s Interview with Frank and Bethine Church Chair of Public Affairs Dr. Sam Martin

I Was on the Church Committee. The New Republican Version Is an Outrage.
Sen. Gary Hart
New York Times, 1/17/2023

The Show Trial of the Century?
Dr. Loch Johnson
Newlines, December 2022

Jim Jordan, Church Committee Pretender
Loch Johnson, Frederick Baron, Dennis Aftergut article
Bulwark 1/12/2023

I worked for the Church Committee — what Jim Jordan is leading bears no resemblance
Peter Fenn
The Hill 1/12/2023

Representative Jordan Takes His Friends on a Fishing Expedition
Philip Bump
Washington Post 1/13/2023

A New House Church Committee?
Ruth Marcus Opinion column
Washington Post 1/13/2023

Church Committee aide rips House Republicans: ‘A sad spectacle’
Greg Sargent
Washington Post 1/14/2023

Jim Jordan Is No Frank Church
James Risen (Church Biographer, former NYT)
The Intercept 1/12/2023

Jim Jordan Wants Revenge on U.S. Intelligence Agencies
Paul Pillar, Blog,
National Interest

Jim Jordan’s newest project won’t take us to Church
Lisa Rubin
Rachel Maddow Show

U.S. House Republicans Investigation Threat Would Have Appalled Senator Church
Karl Brooks
Idaho Statesman 1/15/2023 guest editorial

A modern-day GOP ‘Church’ panel? Not a chance, say those who know the late Idaho Senator’s work best
Monica Church, Executive Director, Frank Church Institute and Dr. Sam Martin, Church Chair
Boise State Public Radio, Boise State University, 1/17/2023

The Church Committee was nothing like Republicans’ new investigation
Prof. KC Johnson
Washington Post, Made by History, 1/18/2023

Uses and Abuses …
Marc Johnson, Former Chief of Staff for Governor Cecil D. Andrus

Republicans besmirch and pervert history with Jordan’s new committee
Frank Church Board Member
Joan McCarter – The DailyKos 1/24/23