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Country Profile: Albania

1. Official Country name
1.1. Republic of Albania
2. Government System: Parliamentary Republic
3. Head of State: Edi Rama (prime minister)
4. How would you characterize the political situation in your country? Stable? In
turmoil? The political situation of Albania is stable with little to no major problems
5. Has your country been in the news lately? If so, why? Iranian Hackers have
attempted to penetrate the Albanian government and police networks, resulting in
the expulsion of Iranian diplomats from Tirana. Albania is relatively stable.
6. Official Language
6.1. Albanian
7. Region: Southern Balkans
8. Allies or blocs: Islamic Group, Eastern European Group
9. What countries are your immediate neighbors?
9.1. Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Greece
10. Population and Growth Rate: 3,088,385 -0.6% growth rate
11. Major Religions: Islam
12. Major Cultures: Besa(keep the promise) honored tradition that largely values
families, their ethnic heritage, and the foundation for a successful life.
13. Standard of Living: 0.79 H.D.I. score
14. Development Status: Developing country
15. What is the literacy rate of your nation: 98.14%
16. Climate – Mediterranean by ocean (mild winters and hot dry summers),
northeastern mountainous area is colder
17. Environment
17.1. Problems: air and water pollution, poor waste management infrastructure,
and deforestation (one of the highest European pollution rates)

17.2. Innovations:
environmental-innovation and

17.3. Etc.: influx of diseases are harming the marine life, trash and waste from the
community and travelers, divided into three ecoregions illyrian deciduous
forest, dinaric mixed forests, balkan mixed forests, pindus mixed forests,
temperate broadleaf, mixed forest, mediterranean forests, woodlands, and
scrub(all in the palearctic realm).

18. Economic System: capitalist
19. GDP and Growth Rate: $15 Billion 2.24% growth rate
20. Major Cities: Tirana (capital), Durrës, Elbasan, Vlore
21. Infrastructure
21.1. Good

21.2. Poor most of Albania’s infrastructure is old and crumbling due to the political
and economic instability
21.3. Etc.
22. Trade blocs, associations
Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia, and Bosnia and
23. Balance of payments/trade
24. Major exports – Leather Footwear, Footwear Pieces, Suits, Crude Oil
25. Major imports – Cars, Refined Oil
26. Major trade partners – Italy, Serbia, Germany, Spain, Greece
27. International Monetary Fund, World Bank positions (debtor nation? donor nation?):
It is a debtor nation. Has been apart of the IMF and world back since 1991
28. Natural Resources: coal, bauxite, petroleum, natural gas, copper, iron, ore, chromite,
nickel, crude oil
29. Energy Sources: 95% Hydropower, 1% solar, 4% crude oil
30. Military Organization: the General staff, The Albanian land force, Albanian air force
and the Albanian naval force.
31. Percent of GDP spent on defense – 1.54%
32. Major weapons, nuclear capabilities, etc. Approximately 210,000 illegal weapons.
Mainly uses guns and banned any kinds of nuclear weapons.
33. Date admitted to the U.N. : 14 Dec. 1955
34. UN dues payment status: 16, $231,405, Feb. 24, 21
35. Has the UN ever intervened in a conflict involving this nation? If so, where and
how? After the 1997 rebellion in Albania, the UN adopted United Nations Security
Council Resolution 1101 on 28 March 1997
36. How does the country contribute to UN peacekeeping?
Albania has worked on the protection of their countries and other countries children, as
well as in 2014 they joined the United Nations Human Rights Council
37. Has the UN cited this nation for human rights violations? If so, why? Yes, Albania
has been cited for the grievous human rights violations committed under
communism, however, during the Kosovo war, we were not cited. Since then, Albania
has been void of any human rights violations.
38. What do you think this nation’s position on the topic of debate will be? Why? Albania
will be against exploiting youth, in accordance with a highly Western point of view
39. Try to find at least one recent article that is about or makes reference to this nation
(preferably from the past two weeks) and
plomatic-ties-over-cyberattack/ (Albania is the first known country to sever diplomatic ties
over a cyberattack)
40. What are four problems that affect this nation? The nation is at high risk of climate
change, given their coastal position. Which can lead to many different problems

41. Ethnic/cultural issues, if any: Albanian don’t get along with other balkans states
42. Refugee problems: Albanians are trying to leave the country and claim asylum in
other countries.
43. Major conflicts both past and present: Kosovo war,
44. What is your country doing in regards to the U.N. SDGs?
44.1. No Poverty : Around 28% of the Albanian population is in poverty
44.2. Zero Hunger: Albania does relatively well,
44.3. Good health and well-being: Fairly well
44.4. Quality Education: Good education for those without disabilities
44.5. Gender Equality: Around the same as USA
44.6. Clean Water and Sanitation: less than 50% of rural and urban areas have
clean and safe water.
44.7. Affordable and Clean Energy: their energy is fairly clean
44.8. Decent Work and Economic Growth: Albania is growing quickly
44.9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure:
44.10. Reduced Inequalities: Albania ranks about 66.8 on the Gini coefficient index,
meaning that it is in the 76th percentile when it comes to equality. Above
countries like the US, Mexico, and Russia
44.11. Sustainable Cities and Communities Albania is working to make its cities,
particularly Tiran where there is a plan to enclose the city in a ring of forests,
shrubs, and farmland
44.12. Responsible Consumption and Production Albania is working on making
more sustainable consumption while minimizing the negative economic
44.13. Climate Action – seeing how vulnerable Albania is to climate change, they
have taken formidable measures against it
44.14. Life Below Water: Adriatic Sea Coast consists of sandy beaches and shallow
coastal waters hosting a great wildlife.
44.15. Life on Land: mountainous geography hosts many animals like goats,
bunnies, and others. Albania has a relatively good national park system
44.16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions: Albania is surprisingly democratic,
given their communist past
44.17. Partnership for the Goals: Albania does well in partnership with other