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Country Profile: The Philippines

Prepared by: The Sage International Delegation for Idaho Model U.N. – 2023 

Political Profile

Role in the United Nations

The Philippines is one of the 51 original charter members of the UN. The Philippines is part of eleven UN Funds/Programmes/Specialized Agencies, six project offices, five non-resident agencies, and three secretariat offices. The UN is very active in the Philippines. There are currently 18 UN entities in the Philippines Including the FAO, the ILO, the IOM, OCHA, UN-Habitat, the UNDP, the UNDSS, and the WHO. Philippine foreign policy is based on the advancement of Filipino ideals and values, which include the advancement of democracy and advocacy for human rights worldwide. This policy heavily and the Philippines strong relationship with the US  affects the Philippine’s actions in the UN. In 2020 a resolution was passed in the Humans Right Council that supported technical assistance in the philippines focused on accountability, reducing police violations, civic space, couter-terrorism legislation, and a new approach to drug control.

The Philippines joined the UNEA resolution to end/reduce plastic pollution. The assembly promised to forge a legally binding  agreement by 2024.

Recently on December 9th the Philippines pushed for the international court of justice to consider climate inaction as an issue with justice, because often the countries that are contributing to climate change the most are those least affected by climate change.

On November 18th the Philippines called for equitable representation and an expanded membership list for the security council.