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Frank Church Papers

Creating a legacy of unequaled public service…..

No individual has touched the nation, Idaho or Boise State University quite in the same manner as Frank Church. Church served his native state for 24 years in the U.S. Senate, creating a legacy of unequalled public service.

To read the Frank Church Papers, visit them online at The Albertsons Library website.

By testimony and example, he represented Idaho’s beauty and its love of freedom. The natural grace and strength of his rhetoric, the unfailing and courageous ability to call us above self-interest, the eloquence of his ideas and the respect for mastery of learning, set him apart as a powerful example of our definition of an educated person.

Over the years Frank and Bethine Church have maintained a long- standing relationship with Boise State University. When the school was a junior college, he was a young attorney who served as a part-time faculty member, teaching speech and commercial law. Bethine attended the junior college, later completing her education at the University of Michigan.

Today, Boise State University is especially honored to serve as the home of the Frank Church Chair and the Frank Church Collection. One of the most extensive senatorial collections ever housed at a university, the Church Collection will provide a wealth of material for research scholars, students and faculty.

Both the Chair and Collection are important to our academic mission. But even more vital, they serve as effective vehicles to preserve and transmit the wisdom and values of Frank Church to future generations.

The living legacy of Frank Church exists in this rich lode of records and materials, and the university is pleased to make them available to scholars and researchers everywhere.

Link to the Frank Church Papers Database