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Spring 2018 Newsletter

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Welcome to the spring semester on behalf of the Frank Church Institute!  We look forward to continue offering relevant and timely discussions on national and global issues, as well as opportunities for Boise State students to pursue careers in public service. We hope you will join us in reading our publications and attending our events this semester.

34th Annual Frank Church Conference

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On October 23rd, 2017 The Frank Church Institute sponsored the 34th annual Frank Church Conference “America’s Future: Refugees, Migration, and National Security.” Throughout the day we hosted various speakers, panels and discussions on the contemporary refugee and migration crisis around the world, and the opportunities and challenges for refugees in the United States and Idaho. Former Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, Anne Richard, delivered a rousing keynote during the conference luncheon.

Additionally, we welcomed senior leadership from Mercy Corps, the International Rescue Committee, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Boise State faculty. Several hundred guests from the Boise community, its high schools, and Boise State University attended the conference.

In addition to the conference events, a number of colleagues and board members penned essays on the global refugee crisis.  

What does the world think about Globalization? Promise and Peril

On February 15th the Frank Church Institute Hosted Jacob Poushter, Senior Researcher at Pew Research Center, who headlines a panel discussion entitled: “What Does the World Think About Globalization? Promise and Peril.” He presented survey and polling data from around the world that lends insight into what people think about globalization and what businesses can expect to see in the coming years. Professors Steve Feldstein, Jack Marr, and Idaho Congresswoman Illana Rubel offered additional commentary on business, economic and political perspectives underlying challenges to globalization.

Featured Student- Damien Wright

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In February, recently named Frank Church Scholar Damien Wright will travel to Stuttgart, Germany for an internship at U.S. European Command. Damien will help staff senior military leadership at the offices which oversee U.S. military interests on the European Continent as well as tens of thousands of American troops.  Students interested in applying for a Frank Church Scholarship should contact the Financial Aid office by March 15th.

Upcoming Events

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March 5- Women in Foreign Policy Leadership

12:30 pm in Jordan Ballroom A- Boise State Student Union

In partnership with the Andrus Center for Public Policy, the Frank Church Institute will host Brookings Institute Senior Fellow Amanda Sloat for a conversation about career paths and professional opportunities for women in foreign policy. Dr. Sloat will talk about her own experiences as a senior State Department official and opportunities for the next generation of female foreign policy leaders. Students considering pursuing future careers in foreign policy can learn about what steps they can take prepare for a career in public service and international affairs.

March 5- Is Democracy receding around the globe? Challenges and Backsliding

3:30 pm in the Boise State Honors College

The SPS Global Studies program and the Frank Church Institute will host a panel discussion entitled “Is Democracy Receding Around the Globe? Challenges and Backsliding.” Dr. Sarah Bush, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Temple University, Amanda Sloat, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the State Department, and Professors Steve Feldstein and Brian Wampler will discuss global democracy trends and challenges to democratic governance.

April 3- Innovations and Renewals

3:30 pm in the Boise State Honors College

The SPS Global Studies program and the Frank Church Institute will host a panel discussion on “Innovations and Renewal,” which will examine current strategies that governments, activists, and citizens are using to enhance the quality of democracy. Dr. Stephanie McNulty of Franklin & Marshall, and Dr. Brian Wampler, Professor at Boise State University will headline the discussion.

decorative imageRecent Publications

Steven Feldstein:

  • Who is John Bolton and What Does He Want? – The Conversation 
  • Rethinking Antifa – The Blue Review 
  • Hybrid Repression Online and Offline in China- Foretelling the Human Rights Struggle to Come? – Power 3.0 
  • After Coup, Will Zimbabwe See Democracy or Dictatorship? – The Conversation
  • Trump’s War on Terror – The National Review 
  • How U.S. Policies are Worsening the Global Refugee Crisis – The Blue Review 
  • New Data About Airstrikes During Trump’s First 10 Months in Office Should Sound Alarm Bells – Newsweek

Chase Johnson

  • Russian Voters Spoke and Resoundingly Agree: The Sky Is Blue – The Blue Review 
  • Net Neutrality Repeal was a Win for Russia and Its Bots Worked Hard for It – International Policy Digest
  • The Potemkin Horserace: Russia’s 2018 Presidential Election – The Blue Review
  • Time is Now to Prepare for More Cyberattacks on the U.S. Electoral System – The Idaho Statesman

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