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Studying Idaho’s Eviction Rate

Photo of Ada County Courthouse from street
Photo Credit: J. Stephen Conn titled Ada County Court House

The Idaho Policy Institute’s Research Director, Vanessa Fry, was recently interviewed by Idaho Housing and Finance Association about Idaho’s eviction rate. Fry focuses her research on housing and homelessness issues and has questions about Idaho’s eviction rate. She teamed up with Dr. Matthew Desmond who authored “Eviction: Poverty and Profit in the American City” to better understand evictions in Idaho. Desmond previously researched eviction rates by launching Eviction Lab and found Idaho’s rate to be fairly low but both think this rate isĀ too low and does not accurately reflect Idaho’s true story. This is because eviction data is difficult to compile and isn’t well tracked. Fry and the Idaho Policy Institute’s research hopes to better understand the eviction rate, process and issues impacting Idaho. Read the full story at Idaho Housing’s website.