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Register for the Resource Nexus for Sustainability Grand Challenge

Join the Hazard and Climate Resiliency Institute for our kick-off panel event! Learn more about how Boise State is working to develop sustainable and resilient communities on campus, across the state of Idaho, and beyond!

As part of Boise State’s inaugural Grand Challenge Initiative, Resource Nexus for Sustainability, this panel will introduce you to the planning team, what this Grand Challenge is all about, and the importance of building the initiative with our community partners.

There will be time for audience questions. We hope to see you there! Register for the webinar here.


Brittany Brand, Ph.D. – Hazard and Climate Resiliency Institute

The HCRI is a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving society’s resilience to natural hazards and the impacts of a changing climate. Brittany has performed extensive research in hazard preparedness, community resilience, and volcanology, and brings these areas of expertise together in her leadership of the HCRI.

Vanessa Fry, Ph. D. – Idaho Policy Institute

The Idaho Policy Institute is a non-partisan group working to provide objective research to public, private, and nonprofit leaders to help make evidence-based decisions. Vanessa has focused on using evidenced-based solutions to address large-scale issues, such as education, workforce development, housing and homelessness.

Debora LaSalle, JD – Warm Springs Consulting

Warm Springs Consulting is a sustainability consulting firm supporting businesses, industry, and local governments in attaining carbon  neutrality. Deborah has worked with private industry, non-profits, and all levels of government from NASA to small rural communities on issues ranging from setting noise thresholds for endangered species to zero waste.